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Colin Reader


As an engineering geologist, Colin Reader was first attracted to Ancient Egypt as a result of the
controversy over the age of the Great Sphinx at Giza and what the weathering and erosion of that monument could tell us about its age. That initial interest led him to research the geology of Egypt, particularly in terms of the way the Egyptian landmass and its features, such as the Nile and the Red Sea Hills, evolved. His geological background also presented him with the opportunity to work in Egypt and for four years he undertook geological mapping with the Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project. Features that Colin noticed while working at Saqqara led him to re-investigate the origins of the causeway in Egyptian pyramid complexes and to explore the earliest phases of development at Saqqara - the period before the Step Pyramid was built.
Like many of us who share this interest, Colin finds Ancient Egypt endlessly fascinating.

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