Poynton Ancient Egypt Society

Bringing Egyptology to Cheshire

Our programme for the 2004-2005 season was as follows:

Summer Break - no meeting in August
Friday, 17th September 2004 Rosalind Janssen - From Hollywood to Thebes: In search of Natacha Rambova
Friday, 15th October 2004 Peter RobinsonBy balloon over the Valley of the Kings
Friday, 19th November 2004 Alan FildesThe Giza Plateau: a pharaonic history
Winter Break - no meeting in December
Friday, 21st January 2005 Angela Thomas - Bolton Museum: recent acquisitions and research
Friday, 25th February 2005 Annual General Meeting followed by
Carolyn Graves-Brown - The Egypt Centre, Swansea: a museum for the community
Friday, 18th March 2005 Joyce Tyldesley - Crime and Punishment in Ancient Egypt
Friday, 15th April 2005 Carol Andrews - Magic and Medicine in the Late Period in Egypt
Friday, 20th May 2005 Bob Partridge - Mummies in the Valley of the Kings
Friday, 17th June 2005 George Hart - Tanis: temples and tombs
Friday, 15th July 2005 Lyla Pinch-Brock - The search for Anen: Investigating TT120 in the Theban necropolis

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