Poynton Ancient Egypt Society

Bringing Egyptology to Cheshire

Our programme for the 2007-2008 season was as follows:

Summer Break - no meeting in August
Friday, 21st September 2007 Carol Andrews - Pets or Powers: Animals in Ancient Egypt
Friday, 19th October 2007 Victor Blunden - Hatshepsut: Queen of Egypt
Friday, 16th November 2007 Jacqueline Campbell - Prescriptions and Pharmacology in Ancient Egypt
Winter Break - no meeting in December
Friday, 18th January 2008 Colin Reader - The Geology of Ancient Egypt
Friday, 15th February 2008 Judith Seath - Fragrances and Perfumes in Ancient Egypt
Friday, 14th March 2008 Annual General Meeting followed by
Dylan Bickerstaffe - The Niagara Mummy Mystery - was this really Ramesses I?
Friday, 18th April 2008 Ken Griffin - Images of the Rekhyt in Ancient Egypt
Friday, 16th May 2008 Rosalind Janssen - The Rash Adventurer: John Pendlebury at Amarna
Friday, 20th June 2008 Kathryn Piquette - Early Scripts of the Nile Valley: By whom and for whom?
Friday, 18th July 2008 Geraldine Pinch - Gifts for the Gods: Aspects of Ancient Egyptian Magic

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