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There must be thousands of websites that contain information about Ancient Egypt. Some of these are better than others. These sites cover all aspects of archaeology, history and society in Ancient Egypt, and are too numerous to list in detail. We have added a number of web sites that relate to Ancient Egypt and which might be relevant to our programme of meetings over the past few years.


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Nearby Museums with Egyptological collections

Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum

The collection includes material from prehistoric times through to Roman, Christian and Islamic times and includes over 18,000 objects. Read the curator's blog 'Egypt at the Manchester Museum' for snippets of news and events taking place in the museum.


Macclesfield West Park Museum

Macclesfield West Park Museum

The museum was the idea of Marianne Brocklehurst, and contains a sample of her collection of Egyptian artefacts, amongst other items.

Liverpool's World Museum

World Museum, Liverpool

Liverpool's World Museum has over 16,000 objects from ancient Egypt and Nubia, making it one of the largest collections in Great Britain.


Atkinson Museum Southport

Atkinson Museum, Southport
The Atkinson Museum's Egyptology Gallery takes visitors on a journey through what life was like in ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs.


Bolton Museum

Bolton Museum

Bolton Museum is currently closed to visitors whilst the Eternal Egypt Gallery Project is being set up. It is anticipated that the museum will open later in 2018.


Towneley Hall Museum, Burnley

Towneley Hall Museum, Burnley

Ancient Egypt is the focus of the Collectors’ Room at Towneley which is packed full of objects which have been on show in the museum since before 1910.



Excavations and Expeditions to Egypt


There are a number of magazines which are devoted exclusively to Ancient Egypt, and a others that often contain articles about Ancient Egypt.

Here are some of the best:



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