Poynton Ancient Egypt Society

Bringing Egyptology to Cheshire

Our programme for the 2005-2006 season was as follows:

Summer Break - no meeting in August
Friday, 16th September 2005 Professor Rosalie David - The Manchester Mummy Project: recent work
Friday, 21st October 2005 Dr Penny Wilson - Delta Power and Glory: Recent work at Sais
Friday, 18th November 2005 Colin Reader - Pyramid Builders of the Old Kingdom
Winter Break - no meeting in December
Friday, 20th January 2006 Victor Blunden - Agrigulture and Farming in Ancient Egypt
Friday, 24th February 2006 Jeanne Whitehurst - Deir el-Medina
Friday, 17th March 2006 Annual General Meeting followed by
Dr Mark Collier - The Tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla
Friday, 28th April 2006 Mike Stammer - Late Period cemeteries at Memphis
Friday, 26th May 2006 Claire Mallinson - Middle Kingdom Towns in the Faiyum
Friday, 16th June 2006 Professor Alan Lloyd - Digging in Egypt: personal recollections
Friday, 14th July 2006 Edwin Brock - New Tombs, Old Temples: News from Luxor

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